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Headbox Open type, Air-cushion type, Hydraulic type, Profile control unit
Forming part Ultra Former, Success Former, Cylinder vat machine, Fourdrinier, Drainage elements, Compact pick-up, shower mist collector
Press part

Success Flow, K-press, Long nip press, Smoothing press, Shoe press, Suction rolls, Press rolls,
Shower pipes with oscillators

Dryer Paper dryer
Auxiliary equipment for dryer Hood with ventilation system, Oil lubrication system, Dryer drainage system
Size press Size press
Calender Hard nip calender, Soft nip calender
Coater Rod coater, Air-knife coater, Blade coater
Reel Reel with automatic reel changer
Winder Automatic winder
Sheeter Synchro-fly sheeter, Single drum sheeter
Equipment associated Super calender fiber roll, Water filter
Others Paper machine plant engineering, Trouble shooting, Pilot machine trial,
Supervising for installation / commissioning