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Paperboard is basically produced by multiplied sheet layers to reflect the basis weight range. Success Former is the best choice for high quality paperboard production. Success Former has wide range of field application from linerboard, corrugating medium, coated boxboard, ivory board and specialty paper.


  • Streak-free formation
    Uniform profile
    Excellent smoothness
  • High drainage capacity from low speed to high speed operation
    High productivity per unit
    High flexibility for wide speed range
    Optimum adaptability to wide basis weight range
    Excellent paper physical property and versatile application to all kinds of furnish
    Minimal unit installation and space requirement
    Low energy consumption
  • First-pass retention value
    Improved first-pass retention by pre-drainage zone
    Easy white water recycling due to gravity or lower leg vacuum column of drainage element
  • Twin wire drainage free from two sideness


  • Speed:100-1,000 m/min.
  • Stock loading per unit:
    Top liner:   25-100 g/m2
    Filler layer:   Maximum 200 g/m2
    MD/CD ratio:   1.2-2.5

Back Arrangement

  • Hydraulic type headbox:

    Highly intensified micro turbulence that extends beyond the headbox slice to the sheet forming zone, offers optimum mixing of suspension and streak-free stable CD profile. Temperature equilibrium compensation system is optionally equipped in case of heated stock, wide and high speed machine.

  • Opened pre-drainage zone:

    The optimum table arrangement suitable for grade and speed range is arranged for good formation and slow drainage aiming at first-pass retention that enables to achieve the appropriate effectiveness at following twin wire area.

  • Twin wire drainage zone:

    The combination of making wire and big dandy roll directly applies high shear force against pre-drained suspension so that the wet layer can be re-dispersed aggressively at the nip point of wires. The converging nip made by dandy roll pressing allows the fiber re-distribution without crushing. Dandy roll arrangement contributes to the good formation and improved sheet physical property by the fiber re-distribution. It is shown in following graph.

  • Sheet transfer zone:

    The water content of the web at the separated point from either of wires is around 90% that is optimum for ply bonding. Then web is plied with incoming web and transferred to the next unit and then there is no difficulty to operate.

    The Kobayashi Success Former has been developed based on the twin wire former concept for better formation and higher productivity in series of the Kobayashi Ultra Formers.

    Success Former is designed to utilize the advantageous characteristics of the twin wire for treating stock layers pre-drained at the flat forming zone. And the formation can be positively improved by the high shear force of the dandy roll.

    Success Former can be applied to any type of multi-ply boxboard and linerboard grades. And also it can be installed on the Fourdrinier machine as on-top unit to achieve excellent formation improvement and speed increase for heavy weight paper grade. In this way, we can offer a great improvement on the productivity and quality.