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Since the inception of manufacturing in 1963, we have delivered about 250 coaters and laminators till June 2001. We have manufactured wet laminators, extrusion laminators, silicon coaters, adhesive coaters, high speed off machine coaters, etc. for the paper industry. For film manufacturing market we have delivered dry laminators, PVDC coaters, magnetic tape coaters, transcription ribbon coaters, separation film coaters, adhesive film coaters, coaters for various sensitive film, coaters for film of liquid crystals, etc. As for test coaters, we have delivered about 60 test coaters including those under the technical cooperation with T. H. DIXON & Co. Ltd. in the United Kingdom in 1970.


Advanced Web handling technology performs stable running of web from unwinding to winding

  • Apply the low inertia guide roll
  • Reliable tension control in each section
  • Stable automatic splicing device at the unwinding part
  • Various automatic switching device applied depending on the products
  • Elimination of air carrying into rolls by the grooved guide roll
  • Variable patterns for winding tension control
  • Contact roll applied for winding

Various coating stations are available

  • Die coater
  • Curtain coater
  • Roll knife coater
  • Gravure coater
  • Reverse roll coater
  • Bar coater
  • Air knife coater
  • Blade coater
  • Rod coater
  • Pond coater
  • Others

Designing of dryers based on plentiful experience

  • Floating dryer
  • Air jet-type dryer supported by rolls
  • Air jet-type dryer supported by belt
  • Counter flow-type dryer
  • Uni-flow-type dryer
  • Seasoning box