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Kobayashi Engineering Works, Ltd. had been manufacturing drum cutters for the paper industry, and in the late 70s. The Rotary Oscillating Cutter (Patent No. 1162726) was developed based on a new idea. We have delivered 40 Rotary Oscillating Cutters mainly for sensitized film industry and aluminum industry. At the same time we developed Double Rotary Drum Cutter that attained high speed running, with keeping the high accuracy. We have delivered about 50 Double Rotary Drum Cutters mainly for board paper, steel plate and aluminum plate.

Comparison of Cutting Methods

  Conventional Drum cutter Double rotary Drum cutter Rotary Oscillating Cutter
Movement of knife blade
Cutting surface



  • CONTINUOUS HIGH ACCURACY CUTTING without stopping the web
  • High accuracy of RIGHT ANGLE CUTTING FACE by synchronizing the web and theedge of the blade
  • INSTANT CHANGE of the cutting length by DDS control
  • Capable of cutting by short intervals that is hard for rotary cutters
  • Capable of making special cutting shape and stamping out

Cutting Shapes

Strait cutting
Corner cutting
Round corner cutting
Scroll cutting

Cutting Animation


Web Thickness Width Cutting speed Accuracy
Steel / Aluminum 0.18-0.6 mm 457-1250 mm 200 cut / min ±0.175 mm
Film 75-175 micron 940-1340 mm 160 cut / min ±0.2 mm
Paper 40-150 g / m2 x 5plies 1050-1100 mm 150 cut / min ±0.15 mm